Now that you have completed the research, it's time to take a stance on your issue!!

  • So, what is being asked of you in Project #3 - Multimodal Argument?
    • According to Dr. Carstensen's syllabus, " For the final project, you will use your extensive research from project #2 to join the social and rhetorical conversation on this issue, and to engage in threshold #3 (all writing is multimodal): You will ultimately show how the issue you chose in project two continues to make an impact on communities and connects to a wider historical scope. You will discuss the multiple voices, define the major arguments, contentions, agreements, and complications and then intervene with your own informed opinion and potential solution(s)."
    • In sum, You are joining an ongoing conversation about an important issue in late American history. Based on the research you conducted for Project 2, take a stand on a key aspect of this topic. Consider how your argument provides a unique and fresh contribution to this ongoing conversation about your issue, topic. Support your stance/thesis by constructing a well organized argument using the Symposium and Essay Planning Guide.

To help you to expand on your knowledge on your topic and to develop your stance, it's Round Robin Time!