Last class meeting, you spent some time (in character) working with your factions and groups, circulating among your peers to try and identify potential allies and/or opponents at Polly's. Let's spend a few minutes getting to know a few more folks in the room.(This will be valuable to your faction/ group later on!)

  • Reflection time: Take out the notes you took over the indiviudals you spoke with!
  • Get back into your factions/groups and discuss:
  • Who are potential allies?
  • Decide with whom your group may never agree?
  • Who can, may and will influence YOUR ideas in a significant way?
  • Whose ideas you may, will and can influence in a significant way?
  • Start strategizing!


  • There's nothing in the rules that says you cannot continue to meet with your factions outside of class. We encourage you to be strategic!
  • You Can Consult "Polly"(aka MARQUEZ OR BRAY) about Her Patrons!'''