After a few weeks of researching and understanding more about your individual character, the time has come for you to begin planning within factions and for conversations among Indeterminates to take place in preparation for the individual speeches you will give for the in-class discussions/debates you will engage in the coming class meetings.

If you are uncertain about which category you fall in, here is the list of players and the groups that they belong to.

Did everyone find their place? :)


Divide yourselves into the appropriate groups: Labor/Suffrage/Bohemians(Indeterminates)

Take out your role sheets and RTTP Gamebooks. Turn to pages 69-71 in your Gamebook.

Using the questions provided, select the questions you think best apply to your Faction or Group. Address them and begin developing your "platform". This means you'll have to compromise on some issues for the greater good of the group.

Introduce yourself (in character).


"The Valuable Act of Communication"

You must stay in character for this entire activity. If you must break character, you must signal this to group and Game Master

Lobbying Session. After your group has had a chance to discuss your platform, your job now is to break away from your group or faction and converse with other factions and groups.

Using the Conversation Guide provided by the Game Master, begin getting to know other people at Polly's!

Take notes as you gather information. This will be valuable to your faction later on!


Reflection time: Get back into your factions and discuss:

  • Who are potential allies?
  • Decide with whom your group may never agree?
  • Who can, may and will influence YOUR ideas in a significant way?
  • Whose ideas you may, will and can influence in a significant way?
  • Start strategizing!

FYI: You Can Consult "Polly" about Her Patrons!


There's nothing in the rules that says you cannot continue to meet with your factions outside of class. We encourage you to be strategic!

Your ticket out: All groups MUST SHARE their platform in development with the Game Master before the end of class!