Reading Workshop

To encourage everyone to participate in class discussion over the Introduction and Chapter 1 of "Angel Island: Immigrant Gateway to America ", I have a task for you. You will need to complete the following:

  • What are the main ideas presented by Yung and Lee in the section? What were some important points they raised?
  • What important characters, events, details emerge in your section of the chapter? Why are they significant?
  • You will need to select AT LEAST ONE fact(s) or idea(s) Dr. Muņoz discussed in her lecture that relates to the ideas/facts presented in the reading.

You and your partner will be responsible for teaching your section of the text. Be ready! You can do it!

Section 440:


  • Pages 1-8: Love, Jess, and Cat R.
  • Pages 9-16: Sydnie, Cat S. and John W.
  • Pages 17-25: Michael, Levi, Gavin and Caston

Chapter 1

  • Pages 25-29: Odis, Gabe and Zach
  • Pages 29- 37: Jharin, Kendal and Erik
  • Pages 37-45: Evelyn, Trang, Duy, Anh
  • Pages 45-53:
  • Pages 53- 61:
  • Pages 61-67:

Section 460:


  • Pages 1-8: Carlos, Alexandra, Katarina
  • Pages 9-16: Siobhan, Rickey and Jon K.
  • Pages 17-25: Alyssa, Jessica and Sarah H.

Chapter 1

  • Pages 25-29: Jared, Priscilla and Liz W.
  • Pages 29- 37: Dom, Sydney and Trevor
  • Pages 37-45: Angelina, Lexis and Elizabeth K.
  • Pages 45-53: Enrique, Logan and Coby Shaw
  • Pages 53- 61: Marcos, Gen and Jeremiah
  • Pages 61-67: