Nast-y Rhetoric

  • Today we are going to conduct a rhetorical analysis of Thomas Nast's 1874 "Worse than Slavery" cartoon
  • Find a partner! You and your partner's task will be to analyze the image on the screen using the prompts below.
  • A mini-rhetorical analysis!
    1. Context: Based on your lecture notes, what was going on in America during this time period (1874)? How was American changing?
    2. Summary: Describe the image in detail. What is it trying to argue?
    3. Rhetorical elements: What types of appeals are being used (ethos/pathos/logos) in this image? Explain which appeals are the most visible.
    4. Audience: Who is the intended audience for this image?
    5. Evaluation: Is this image making an accurate or effective argument? Why or why not?
  • Class discussion!

Why are we spending time discussing rhetoric and practicing your rhetorical analysis skills? Next week, Professor Bray and I will be discussing Writing Project 1: The Rhetorical Analysis, your first major writing assignment for the learning community. You will need to hone these skills in order to dive into that assignment! :)

(Hint: Writing Project 1 will also help you to be successful in your Reacting to the Past game. Just sayin'...)