Time to start planning ahead...

In the Research and Argument Project you will be asked to join an ongoing conversation about a historical topic, event, person whose "writing went out into the world and made things happen. You could also choose a primary source document as your focus and discuss how that piece of writing shaped American history. As part of your research process, you will be asked to select and analyze a primary source document. The topic and the document you choose will drive your research and writing for the rest of the semester.

To help you consider the potential topics... using whatever resources you have at your disposal, your HIST 1301 syllabus, your Contending Voices textbook,the HIST 1301 Primary Source documents on Blackboard, and the handy dandy list below... I'd like to give you time to brainstorm potential topics. You may also refer to this list for help: Research and Argument Potential Historical Topics

(Hint: Wooster's words of wisdom... What would Wooster do? Based on your performance on the first exam, pre-writing in Comp helped many of you perform well on the essay portion of the exam. Wooster strongly encourages you to consider choosing a historical topic, event or person that was significant in Post-Revolutionary America. Doing so will not only help you out on the second exam, it could also help you on the third exam. :))

Remember, Prof. Burnett asked that you keep the following in mind...

  • You must choose a topic that falls within the time frame of American history up to 1865.
  • You are strongly encouraged to choose a topic that is related to the content for Exams II and III in History. Please see your History syllabus and its calendar and your textbook Contending Voices for topic ideas and consult with your Seminar Professor, too, for topic suggestions.
  • Each student should have a unique topic. This means that there should not be 2 people choosing Clara Barton or 5 people choosing Frederick Douglass.

Your ticket out!

On a sheet of paper, please let me know the following:

  • What are the top five topics are you considering for your research for your Research and Argument Project? Rank them by order of interest. 1 being the most interesting, 5 being the least interesting(until you do more research).
  • This is your ticket out today! Take it seriously!