It's Round Robin time!

  • Pre-Round Robin Instructions
  • Round One:
    • Your task: The purpose of this exercise is to help you all to get feedback from several people on your introduction and thesis/claim. You will be trading drafts multiple times.
    • With each draft, read their introduction, thesis/claim on their topic. Based on what they have written, write ONE question you have about their thesis or claim... What is unclear? what did you need to know more about in order to understand their argument?
  • Be thoughtful in asking the questions you pose. You might be helping someone out in a real way, giving them ideas, helping them to look at their argument from a different perspective, etc. After a few minutes, you will trade drafts. You will continue doing this until you have peer reviewed several drafts.
  • Round Two: Review the questions you received and attempt to come up with a response in the form of a thesis statement. Defend your position/point of view!
  • Find a partner and share what others had to say about your intro/thesis etc!
  • Class discussion!

Some things to consider as you develop your essay's claim/thesis statement:

  • Claims/Thesis statements must be specific and debatable. Think: If someone read your claim, how could they potentially disagree/debate with you over the topic?
    • Writers can think of their claim as a short summary of their entire essay—a summary that accounts for their position and their support for that position. In this way, a thesis/claim serves as the essay’s road map, as something that can help guide the reader through the essay and the primary source you are analyzing to support your thesis/claim.