Exam 2 Terms

Treaty of Ghent: A treaty which both sides, the United States and Britain, signed in order to end the War of 1812. The treaty was signed in December 1814, ships carrying news of the agreement did not reach America until after the Battle of New Orleans had been fought. The treaty restored the previous status quo. - Jessica. S

War of 1812: Fought with Britain, over issues that included impressment of American sailors, interference with shipping, and collusion with Northwest Territory Indians; settled by the Treaty of Ghent in 1814. (1812-1814) - Jordan

xyz affair- French foreign minister Talleyrand's three anonymous agents demanded payments to stop French plundering of American ships in 1797; refusal to pay the bribe was followed by two years of undeclared sea war with France (1798-1800)-Damian V.

EXAM I 241