Missouri Compromise- Henry Clay was the one that persuaded congress to accept the compromise. The Missouri Compromise stated that Missouri would be admitted as a slave state, and Maine would be admitted as a free state. Land north of the southern border was free of slavery. Slave owners could pursue escaped slaves even if they went to a northern state. (Kevin Gomez)

Whiskey Rebellion- protest against taxation on whiskey products that began March 1791 due to the taxation effecting the profits of American farmers. Also led to the creation of the first established military to stop the uprising of the settlers. (Kryslean Lopez)

Election of 1824: The election of 1824 was also known as the corrupt bargain in Andrew Jackson's eyes. The race was between William Crawford, Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams (Secretary of State), and Henry Clay (Speaker of the House). Jackson wins both the popularity and electoral votes, however Jackson never won the majority. Even though he had won more total votes, he had not won, which resulted in votes from the House. John Quincy Adams wins the House votes. After becoming president, Adams elects Henry Clay as Secretary of State. Jackson feels that because Henry Clay was Speaker of the House and sided with Adams, that is the only reason Adams won. Jackson feels this is even more true once Clay becomes Secretary of State. (Ryan Lawver)

XYZ Affair: The XYZ Affair took place between 1797 and 1798 between the Republic of France and the United States. The incident occurred during the Adams administrations. In historical context of the event, France and the U.S. were at contention and feuds had begun between the countries. The event began to take root when Adams sent a three member delegation to France in order to reestablish peace between the two nations. Instead of negotiating peace, France rejected the diplomatic mission and sent three agents to inform the U.S. government that only through large bribes would the country begin to renegotiate diplomacy. When congress asked to see the agents demand report, Adams replaced their names with the letters XYZ. The Affair gave way to the Quasi-War, a large naval war between the U.S. and France. Thus, the event became known as the XYZ Affair. (Christian Prado)

Tecumseh- war chief and Shawnee political leader who worked with his brother, “The Prophet”, to unite the Northwestern Indian tribes. Wanted to keep his people living according to the traditional ways and to stop giving their land away to the U.S. Fought in the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811, but was defeated by the American army led by William Henry Harrison. During The Battle of the Thames in 1813, Tecumseh was killed fighting for the British during the War of 1812. (Jacqueline Cortina)

Convention of 1818: The Convention of 1818 is also known as the Convention of Commerce. It was a meeting held in October of 1818 to discuss over a treaty that was between the Monroe administration and the British. The goal of the Convention of 1818 was to settle the outstanding boundary issue. Another goal was to find a common ground for disputes between the US and British North America following the War of 1812. The Convention of 1818 created an occupation of Oregon by the British and the US for the next ten years. The Convention of 1818 was the starting point of improved diplomatic relations between the US and Great Britain. (Arianna Aloia)