John Rolfe- Introduces tobacco to Virginia

Sugar Act (Revenue Act of 1764)- This was Parliament's tax on refined sugar and multiple other colonial products.It also replaced the Sugar and Molasses Act of 1733, because it was inefficient in regulating sugar imports and molasses into the colonies. The Revenue Act was created by Parliament to offset the debt from the French and Indian War. It was also a part of British effort to enforce tariffs and to tighten the British trade policy. - Ruby Guizar

Jonathan Sewall- The last British attorney who was very loyal to Britain. His father was an unsuccessful merchant who died at a young age, swell then was provided by many family members that payed for him to get a great education at Harvard. He graduated from Harvard and became a teacher, but then went back to law school, and began a practice in Charlestown and served as attorney general of Massachusetts. Although, Jonathan was a very successful guy, he was very appreciative of Britain and wanted peace instead of order aside from other loyalist. - Tiandria McClure?

Zenger Trial- John Peter Zenger, a New York printer, who printed "The New Weekly Journal". These journals depicted the corrupt actions to the royal governor, William Cosby. He accused the government of tempering with the elections and allowing the French to explore the New York Harbor. Zenger was immediately sent to jail for libel in 1733. Andrew Hamilton defended Zenger and proclaimed the necessity of liberty. Zenger was set free and gave more freedom publishers. This event became a symbol for freedom of the press. ~Elizabeth Wuest