The Virginia Slave Codes were laws concerning the interactions between blacks and whites. Written and enacted in 1705, the Slave Codes solidified the existence of slavery in the colonies. The laws were written by the Virginia House of Burgesses, which was the first legislative body of elected representatives in the United States. These laws were the foundation of slave legislature in America. Promoting the ideals of white supremacy, the codes prevented blacks from owning firearms or employing workers. These laws solidified race division by skin color.

-The Pequot War (Priscilla Fang) : This war was between the Pequot's and new Puritan settlers along the Connecticut River Valley. The large amount of migrants from England made settlers move further out and expand their land causing disruption in the Indian territory. The Puritans and Indians did not have a great relationship. The settlers viewed the Indian people as 'savages' and 'uncivilized brutes' which led to their lack of respect towards the Indian tribes and land. The Pequot war not only consisted the tribe of Pequot but also included other Indian tribes such as the Mohegans. The win over the Pequot tribe showed the power of the English or get in the way of their expansion.

"Common Sense" Pamphlet - Thomas Paine wrote this pamphlet in January 1776 that attacked the English principles of hereditary rule and monarchical government in a form the people would understand

Republican Motherhood (Madison Shaffer) - An idea linked to republicanism that elevated the role of women. It suggested that women needed a better education than their mothers and grandmothers to fulfill their new republican roles in the American republic. Women would be responsible for raising/ educating their children to be virtuous citizens of the new American republic. It gave them the prestigious role as the special keepers of the nation's conscience its roots were from the idea that a citizen should be to his country as a mother is to her child.

-William Berkeley (Lizzie Villalpando) : William Berkeley was governor of Virginia. He was completely for indentured servants. Indentured servants played a role in Berkeley's life because he wanted them to work for him and since they didn't have much, he provided for them and only gave them 4 to 7 years to live. If he let them live any longer, they would become almost powerful as he was. Eventually the indentured servants started living past the four to seven years he was expecting them to live. Berkeley wanted to stay in power in everything he did and since the system of class didn't work out for him, the system of of racism came into play with the system of Virginia and how things rolled around. William Berkeley was an example of the rich fighting to keep power in his hands.

-Middle Passage (Jacqueline Jaramillo): The middle passage was also known as the voyage across the Atlantic that was used by slaves. It was the second, or middle, leg in the triangular trading routes that linked Europe, Africa, and America. During the middle passage, many slaves as well as other men an women died due to diseases such as measles and smallpox. Those that were sick were thrown overboard by the captain to prevent an epidemic spread, therefore many did not reach the New Word and plan.

-Boston Massacre (Kendra Pacheco): On March 5, 1770 The Boston Massacre was stirred up when angry Bostonians began attacking British troops because they were being treated unfairly. They were being taxed and Acts were being put against them. The Bostonians attacked the troops with snowballs that lead to a "massacre" that killed five Bostonians. This made the Bostonians fear the British troops, preventing them from trying to go against the British troops.

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