Divide and Conquer!

  • Take out a sheet of paper and something to write with! An envelope will be circulating around the room that contains the questions listed below, select a slip from the bag.

(1) How is Sal Castro someone who has served as a witness to and made history?

(2) How is the educational inequality experienced by Chicano youth in the late 1960s a "human trouble"?

(3) How did Castro encourage his students to embrace their Chicano identity? Be specific. What were some of the lessons Castro try to teach them? What kinds of topics did he discuss with them in his history class?

(4) Were the Blowouts successful? Why or why not?

(5) What are Mexican Schools? In what specific ways do they differ from other public schools?

Find the people that answered the same question. Compare your responses, share what you know!

Next, write the main points you addressed in your responses on the board!

So how do your responses to these questions, relate to this?

Civil Rights & 1968 East L.A. Walkouts (1) Explain Sal Castro's historical significance. (2) Discuss the "Mexican schools" and (3) the student demands that led to the walkouts. (4) How are the walkouts related to the issues of race, class, or gender raised in the larger civil rights movements? (5) What lessons about “human trouble” did we learn from the walkouts? Support your opinion with historical analysis and evidence from the texts.