Imperialism: expand the influence of your country beyond its borders- extend power and authority to various places- expanding trade religion, and democracy between different cultures, political influence, strong military presence and expanding the navy; control over a particular place - different resources from other locations. US wanting to become a super power, acting as the world's police force. Manifest Destiny: expansion, control, exerting US influence, the root of American imperialism is in Manifest destiny extends into 20th century. Acquiring land, spaces, territories. Tension between other super powers.

* Who- which nation(s) do we attribute this idea to? Which nation(s) practiced this?

Spain, England, Japan,United States, France, Russia, China, Germany. Time frame: 1880's-1940's

* What does this concept mean?

The nation's that are being imperialized see the opportunity's in USA and want to come over here more- The idea of new beginning. The chance to pursue the American dream. "Dangling a carrot", immigrants have a chance however they are very strict on who enters the country- the idea of restriction

* When was this idea influential?

* Why is this idea important? How does it help us to understand American immigration history? Angel Island reading?