The Goals

First Year Seminar (FYS) is designed to help students achieve success, academically and socially, as they make the transition from high school and the real world to the university . The primary objectives of FYS are for students to:

  • Explore the interconnections among the Triad courses;
  • Develop critical thinking skills and significant learning;
  • Clarify personal values, goals, and strengths;
  • And develop the ability to learn through study, discussion, writing, cooperation, and collaboration

What Seminar Is

  • A class to help you understand and prepare for assignments in large lecture and Composition.
  • A safe place where you can develop and practice necessary college skills, like discovering your strengths, working cooperatively in groups, and actively participate in class discussions.
  • A relaxing place to meet study partners and friends! :)

What Seminar Isn't

  • A class that assigns its own major assignments
    • Portfolios are the best way to track and evaluate your progress throughout the semester. They aren't difficult, but they give us an insight into what type of learning experiences you find significant. Reflecting on learning is actually a major part of the learning process. For more info, see the Triad E Portfolios page.
  • A study hall
    • We will not spend every class working on materials for large lecture and Composition.
    • I will not re-teach but rather briefly review concepts that your large lecture professor discusses in class!
  • A free ride
    • You DO get a grade for this class, which I assign.
    • You are expected to attend class and participate.
  • A waste of time
    • This class is unlike any other course you will take at TAMU-CC. Remember that you or your parents (or somebody) is/are paying for this course, so I want to make sure you get your money's worth!
    • Seminar is what YOU make of it!

My Responsibilities as Teacher:

  • I am responsible for creating and encouraging an environment in which learning can and will occur. I will always be fully prepared to guide the discussions in class and will set the stage and parameters for all activities that occur within the classroom. I will make myself available during office hours to assist you. Your INDIVIDUAL progress regarding the course objectives plus your own personal and professional goals are my primary concern. I will also assess your performance toward the course objectives, and keep you informed of how you are doing.

Your Responsibilities as Students:

  • It is your responsibility to attend class and to be prepared to actively participate. You should actively and regularly share your insights, questions and ideas with your teacher and fellow students. If you have a suggestion for a better way to stimulate learning in class or are unhappy with any activities of your teacher or fellow students, it is your responsibility to let me know. It is expected that everyone will be treated with respect.
  • Class will start on time everyday, and you should expect it to run the full time. Please avoid disturbing other students (by arriving late, leaving early, talking to your neighbor, etc). Make sure your electronic devices are turned off during class. By missing class, you will miss out on lecture, discussions, and any assignments relevant to the learning community courses. It will be your responsibility to speak with a classmate about the course content missed.
  • Finally, the learning that will occur depends on your active participation and willingness to engage in the course content. Embrace the unique learning opportunities that are offered at university!

Taken from Rita Sperry's 8/25/10 class plans. Thanks Rita! & Adapted from Michelle-Maresh Fuehrer's Fall 2016 syllabi