For the timeline, Dr. Martin will give you a list, and expect you to put the items in chronological order. I will not ask you to give me the exact date, just put them in the correct order. So for instance:

On the exam you would see:

- start of the Gilded Age - Reconstruction - Spanish-American War

For your answer, you would write:

- Reconstruction - start of the Gilded Age - Spanish-American War

Go back through your lecture notes. Look at the headings and subheadings for each major lecture topic. Then, look at the major events, social, political, and economic changes that took place during a particular time period. You may even look at the laws that were passed as a result of those changes.

Consider: Cause and effect. What caused a particular event/ change to occur and what was the effect? What series of events caused a certain response?

Another example:

- the passage of the 15th amendment

- start of Radical Reconstruction

- the enactment of the Black Codes in Southern states

And another:

- the passage of the Dawes Severalty Act

- collapse of the Bison population in the American West

- the creation of the reservation system

And another:

- Knights of Labor founded

- Chinese Exclusion Act passed

- American Federation of Labor gains 2 million members