Mark your Calendars, people!

Spring 2018 Learning Community K Due Dates:

Important Dates

  • Reacting to the Past Assignment due dates:
    • Writing Project 1 -Rhetorical Analysis due Tuesday, Feb. 13th
    • Writing Project 2- Position Paper/RTTP Speech draft due on Tuesday, Feb. 20th
    • FINAL DRAFT OF WRITING PROJECT 2 WILL BE DUE Tuesday, Feb. 27th in preparation for Game Sessions 1-5
    • Thursday, April 5th- FINAL Publication of the Masses will be due!
  • Reacting to the Past Readings Quiz dates: All quizzes will be multiple choice. I will drop 1 of your lowest quiz scores.
  • RTTP Quiz#1 Tuesday, January 30th will cover the topic of Women's Suffrage, pages 16- 30 in your Reacting to the Past textbook.
  • RTTP Quiz#2 Tuesday, February 6th will cover the topic of Labor and Labor Movements, pages 31-50 in your Reacting to the Past textbook.
  • RTTP Quiz#3 Thursday, February 15th
  • RTTP Quiz 4 Thursday, February 22nd (This quiz will be rescheduled due to Mandatory Conferences with Bray and Marquez- I will announce the next quiz date at our meetings.)
  • RTTP Quiz #5 Tuesday, March 27th
  • Mandatory Game Dates:
    • Tuesday, February 27th- Game Session #1
    • Thursday, March 1st- Game Session #2
    • Tuesday, March 6th- Game Session #3
    • Thursday, March 8th- Game Session #4 Mabel's Night
    • Tuesday, March 20th- Welcome Back to Polly's!- Game Session 4.5
    • Thursday, March 22nd- Game Session #5THE VOTE
  • Group Research Presentations will take place on Thursday, April 19th and Tuesday, April 24th. Please see Professor Bray's wikipage for additional information regarding the meeting times and locations for these presentations!
  • Tuesday, May 1st -- Learning Community K Comprehensive Portfolio Due by 11 am at the beginning of large lecture!
    • Early submissions of the Final Portfolio are welcomed!

Exam Dates

  • EXAM I -- Thursday, February 8th
  • EXAM II-- Thursday, March 29th
  • EXAM III -- Tuesday, May 8th during the Final Exam Period - 11-1:30 pm