Planning Ahead for Spring 2018

  • Make an appointment with your advisor to prepare for Spring 2018 class registration!
  • Electronic version of the Spring 2018 schedule will be viewable on SAIL!
    • Click on the link called Class Schedules(on the bottom left of the screen) to scope out your course options.
    • Here is a schedule sheet to help you plan out your class schedule for Spring 2018.
    • What learning community options are available for next Spring? Go here to find out:
  • Don't forget to use the tools available you, like Degree Planner !
  • Don't know who your Academic Advisor is?

Make sure to check your Islander Email to get important information about registration, class scheduling, advising appointments and walk-in advising hours!

For general advising questions, feel free to email Ms. Katharine Stokes, College of Business Advisor at or Lori Shearin, College of Science and Engineering Advisor at lori.shearin They are the Learning Commmunity E Advisors and are available to help you! Take advantage of their expertise!

Or you may want to get advice from your Learning Community Peer Mentor, Ms. Crystal Vega. As a current student, she can make some recommendations for classes, learning communities, etc. She is available to help you as well. Her email address is and her office hours are Monday:11-12:50pm, Tuesdays 9-1 pm and Wednesdays 3-4 pm.