Mark your calendars!!!

This list of due dates is subject to change should they be necessary to improve student learning, at the discretion of the appropriate learning community instructor(s). :)

Major Learning Community Shared Assignment Due Dates

  • Writing Project#1: Sociological Examination of A Student's World- due Tuesday, Feb 5th
  • Learning Community B Writing Exercises (scheduled to be completed in Seminar on the following dates):- #1 Thursday, 2/7 - #2 Tuesday, March 5th, #3 Tuesday, April 9th
  • Group Research Presentation Proposals - due Thursday, March 28th
  • Writing Project #3: Writing for the Real World' - due Thursday, April 11th at the beginning of Sociology
  • Tuesday, April 23rd- In-class Group Research presentations
  • Thursday, April 25th- First Year Research Conference
  • Tuesday, April 30th- Learning Community B Portfolio due at the BEGINNING of Sociology lecture!

SOCI 1301 Exam Dates

  • Thursday, Feb. 28TH - EXAM I
  • Thursday, April 4th- EXAM II
  • Thursday, May 9th - EXAM III is scheduled for the Final Exam Period 8-10:30 am