SI Leader: Mr. Jeffrey Schaffer

All of the SI sessions well be held in the Glasscock building, CASA Room 108A. (It's between the Library and the Science building going towards the parking garage on your left. AKA "Cat Alley")

The times will be:

  • Monday 5:00-5:50
    • Starting Mon 1/29
  • Tuesday 5:00-5:50
  • Wednesday 11:00-11:50

In addition, Jeffrey will also hold tutoring hours. They'll be in the same room, but they are open to all history (and political science) students. So you just walk in and discuss whatever you want to go over with Jeffrey's guidance!

Tutoring hours are:

  • Monday 1:00-2:50pm
    • Starting Mon 1/29
  • Wednesday 12:00-12:50
  • Thursday 4:00-5:50