Putting the Pieces Together... In order to learn it, you have to read about it, write about it, and talk about it!

  • You each have received a term/ topic from the past History lectures and readings!
  • Using the 5 W's of historical analysis-
    • Who?/What?
  • When? (Time period)
  • Where? (Location/region)
  • Why is this concept/person/event significant? (Why does it matter? What impact did that person or event have on American history?)

Define the term you have selected to the best of your ability. Your task is to translate your understanding of the time period(and what you know about the concept) into a brief but detailed definition. Write the definition into your own words! You will have seven minutes to fully define your term. WRITE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!


  • Please find a partner!
  • With your partner, share your work with one another as you review the major topics in History we have covered so far. DO NOT SIMPLY SWAP PAPERS AND COPY WHAT THEY WROTE OR TAKE A PICTURE OF IT. You need to write it down. :)
  • Your swap and learn sessions will be timed. Each "session" will be set for 3-5 minutes each. Be prepared to move multiple times!
  • Have fun with this! :)

So, what did we learn from this?