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Advocating for Change...

A "few" words about Writing Project #2...

  • What social, economic and political problems could you consider researching that relate to your local milieu(immediate social environment)?
  • For Writing Project#2 you are not limited to researching global/ national issues. Consider your local milieu.(Shout out to C. Wright Mills!)
  • What issues matter to college students, citizens of Corpus Christi? What changes would you like to see made at TAMU-CC?
  • The piece of writing you will produce for this project will ask that you advocate for some sort of social change, and you will be proposing a call to action to your readers. What are some relevant (local/national) issues readers would like to know more about?

Consider these issues above as you decide what topic you would like to pursue for this project!!

Announcements and reminders:

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