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  • To help you to review the concepts Wooster has covered in lecture so far... It's a Free for All!
  • In your last group, you will need to get together and brainstorm a potential essay question over Chapter 5:Madison and Henry and the debates between Anti-Federalists and Federalists for EXAM II.
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  • Mark your calendars! History Reading Quiz#4 is scheduled for Thursday, March 9th. It will cover Contending Voices Chapter 7 Tecumseh vs. Harrison.For this quiz, you will be allowed to use your Contending Voices text or the notes you took over the chapter! (Hint: Make sure and read the chapter closely, you will need to apply your knowledge in a particular way!)
  • Next Thursday, March 9th Seminar will not meet at its regularly scheduled time. I will be joining you during your Comp class time! Ms. Bray and I will be discussing Writing Project 2 and will have some fun with it! Be there to participate! You will take your reading quiz at the beginning of Compinar, be on time!
  • Need some additional guidance on Writing Project 2 ? Come by and see Ms. Bray and I during office hours! We are here to help!
  • Need some additional guidance on the material for History? Here is the Supplemental Instruction Schedule for our learning community this semester: Spring 2017 SI Schedule