Happy Thursday!

  • This week- Thursday and Friday- I will not be on campus. I am going to be presenting at the National Learning Communities Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. I will be available via email and will make every effort to check my email periodically.
    • Seminar will not meet on Thursday. I will have an assignment for you to use in lieu of class.
    • Section 442: You will need to submit an outline of your Powerpoint presentation to Dr. Carstensen at the beginning of Composition on Thursday, Nov. 11th.
    • Section 460: You will need to submit a one page response to the first two prompts of the Exam 3 prompt: 1) Explain Sal Castro's historical significance. (2) Discuss the "Mexican schools" and (3) the student demands that led to the walkouts. You will need to turn in your responses to my office Faculty Center 121 by 5pm on that day.


  • Quiz #5 is Tuesday, Nov. 15th and will cover chapters 5,6, and 7. Reading schedule for Blowout!-- Introduction- read pages 7-13. Focus your reading on Chapters 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7 for the 3rd History exam. A close reading of Chapters 5, 6 and 7 will be critical to fully address the exam prompt.
    • Exam 3 is scheduled for Tuesday, 12/6- LAST DAY OF CLASS. Here is the Exam III Review!
  • On Thursday, November 17th, we have an alternative plan for class that day. Large lecture will not meet on that day. Dr. Muņoz will be at a conference.
    • Section 442: Seminar will not meet at its regularly scheduled time. I will be coming to your Composition class for your First Year Symposium presentation dress rehearsals!
    • Section 460: Seminar will not meet at its regularly scheduled time. I will be having conferences with you to discuss your First Year Symposium Project. Our conferences will take place from 11-12:15 during your regular History lecture time.