Blowout! Sal Castro and the Chicano Educational Struggle for Justice - Mario T. Garcia and Sal Castro

Blowout!: Writing Assignment

As you all know, I am not here today. I am traveling to the National Learning Communities Conference in Kansas City, MO. You will need to submit this GROUP WRITING ASSIGNMENT to my office FC 121 by 5pm TODAY. You must put all of your names on the assignment to receive credit. One copy of the assignment per group!


You and your group members will need to submit ONE paper in which you address the questions below. Your responses MUST be typed and your answers be written in paragraph form. Make sure to provide specific examples from the text to support your responses.

(1) How is Sal Castro someone who has served as a witness to and made history?

(2) How is the educational inequality experienced by Chicano youth in the late 1960s a "human trouble"?

(3) How did Castro encourage his students to embrace their Chicano identity? Be specific, use evidence from the text!

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