"Things to do" Thursday!

  • Questions, comments, concerns?
  • A short exercise considering Habits of Mind...
    • Let's discuss!
    • Why do you think I had you complete this exercise? Ideas?
  • Let's take a few minutes a discuss your Learning Community M Portfolio!
    • A sample approach
  • Tri-fold discussion! Let's review/critique some samples!
    • Tri-fold, Group presentation planning time!

Reminders and announcements:

  • Keep in mind: Seminar and Composition will not meet on Tuesday, Nov. 21st. HIST 1302 WILL MEET! In lieu of class, I have an assignment I need for you to complete that counts toward your attendance and participation in Seminar. I have a reflection I need for you to complete in lieu of class that day.
    • Here are the prompts: Looking Back, Planning Ahead To earn full credit for attendance and participation, you will need to post your response on Blackboard by 3pm. The assignment is posted and available NOW. You will find the assignment instructions and you will post your response under the Content link. (Hint: this reflection may just help you with your portfolio. Work smarter, not harder. Just sayin.')
  • In-class group presentations are scheduled for Tuesday, November 28th.We will not meet in the regular classrooms on that day. We will be meeting Anchor Ballroom C in the University Center(1st floor). Presentations will begin at 11am sharp, so please arrive early.
    • Make sure and take time to work with your presentation groups THIS WEEK to work on your PowerPoints? and tri-folds!
    • Want to score a free trifold? Turn in a non-perishable food item to Norma Canales, the Administrative Assistant for the Dept. of Undergraduate Studies(in the Faculty Center down the hall from mine and Bray's offices)!
    • You will recieve the Symposium Presentation schedule on that day as well!
  • Need extra help in History? Make time to attend the Supplemental Instruction sessions this semester for HIST 1302.