Welcome back to Polly's, Greenwich Villagers and Friends!!

Bohemia Has it's day! (The time has come for the Bohemians/Villagers/Indeterminates to present their perspectives!)

  • Section 510: Cole, Pete, Audra, Devin, Olivia, Jason, Cannon, Tre and Michelle
  • Section 511: Adam, Lexi, Scott, Brendon, Yasmin, Brianna, Logan, Hunter, Alma and Noemi

Section 510 panels:

  • Panel 1: Margaret Sanger, Rose Pastor Stokes, Charlotte Perkins Gilman
  • Panel 2: Floyd Dell, Randolph Bourne, WEB Dubois
  • Panel 3: John Sloan, Hutch Hapgood

Section 511 panels:

  • Panel 1: Margaret Sanger, Rose Pastor Stokes, Charlotte Perkins Gilman
  • Panel 2: Crystal Eastman, Mary Heaton Vorse
  • Panel 3: Randolph Bourne, Floyd Dell, John Sloan

As the Bohemians present their views, all players (and audience members) will need to be making note of the following:

  • All players must respond with questions and comments!
  • As you listen to their speeches, you need to make note of the following:
  • Listen carefully to the issues that Bohemians care about! Unlike previous sessions, Villagers will convey their wishes to the factions in the hope that the factions will add bohemian/feminist ideas to their current positions. FACTIONS, PAY ATTENTION TO THE CHALLENGES PRESENTED TODAY!
  • Faction members don't necessarily challenge Villagers, rather you should ask questions about their views for clarification.
  • Decide with whom your group may never agree?
  • Based on their speeches, who can, may and will or could influence YOUR ideas/beliefs in a significant way?
  • What counterarguments might you be able to offer a Bohemian Villager? Be prepared to challenge them!

Make certain to hold yourselves accountable to the RTTP Ground Rules for Discussion you all created!

Reminders and announcements:

  • Next time we meet, we will having a conversation in Mabel Dodge's salon. If you would like more time to speak at the after party at Polly's, after Mabel's evening (next class session), you need to submit a request to do so with Polly before you leave class! You must specify who will participate and the activity you wish to do. (Good opportunity to earn additional PIP's!)
  • Spring 2018 Registration is around the corner! Use these Spring 2018 Registration Resources to help you get prepped!
  • Next Tuesday, October 24th- Max must have already selected the submissions for publication in The Masses!
  • Need extra help in History? Make time to attend the Supplemental Instruction sessions this semester for HIST 1302.