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  • Seminar will not meet next Tuesday 10/25. I will be in my office from 8-9:30 and from 12:30-3:00. Come on by in the morning and see me if you have any last minute questions. I have a short reflection I need for you to complete in lieu of class. Here are the prompts: Looking Back, Planning Ahead You may type or handwrite your responses. To receive credit, you will need to drop this off at my office before or by 3pm next Tuesday!

◦From 9:30-10:40, I will be in Center for Sciences 111 answering any last minute questions you have about the exam content. At 10:40, I will need to meet Dr. Muņoz in her office.

  • Word of advice... you should read Chapter 8 by Tuesday October 25th.( Hint: For chapter 8, Dr. Muņoz has already begun discussing the Filipino American immigrant experience in large lecture! Make sure you are taking good notes!)
  • Use the Reading Guide questions to help you!