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**%red%'''Make sure to bring your lecture notes to Seminar next time we meet to participate in an Exam 2 Workshop! We will begin discussing Exam 2 material!'''
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* Next Tuesday, Oct. 31st SEMINAR will not meet in our regular classroom. They will be doing maintenance to the room. '''WE WILL MEET IN CCH 118.'''We will return to our regular classroom for the remainder of the semester.
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!!! The Masses and the Vote!
!!The Masses and the Vote!
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!!! The Vote!

!!! The Masses and the Vote!

!!! Max Eastman and the Masses

** Max presents his selections for publication in ''The Masses''. After which, he will present a short lecture that summarizes and synthesizes the ideas presented in the selections he has made. The selections he has made should convey his views of America in 1913.

!!! The Vote

* Polly will call upon the factions to summarize their calls to Vote.
* Paper ballots will be distributed.
* Polly and the Gamemaster will tally the votes and points.
* Winner will be announced!
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!!! The Vote!

!!!Reminders and announcements:

* Spring 2018 Registration is around the corner! Use these [[Spring 2018 Registration Resources]] to help you get prepped!
** [[An extra credit opportunity Learning Community M]]!

* Need extra help in History? Make time to attend the Supplemental Instruction sessions this semester for HIST 1302.
** Here is the schedule: [[Fall 2017 Triad M SI Schedule]]