Happy Thursday!

  • Questions, comments, concerns?
  • Seminar Quiz #1 - "I am a Man" over chapters 4 and 5!
  • 10:00 class -Section 442: Let's get into Formation...
  • 12:30 class- Section 460:
    • I am a Man class discussion/ activity- you will need to apply your knowledge of Chapters 4&5 to the essay prompt.
    • Be ready to share your knowledge about "I am a Man." and from Muņoz's lecture with your colleagues!
    • Let's take a look!


  • History reading for the week of 9/15-9/20: I am a Man You will need to read Chapters 7 and 8 by next Thursday!
  • Next Tuesday 9/20: We will be Analyzing Standing Bear's trial and discussing Standing Bear's Reaction to the courtroom proceedings and ruling in his case.
    • Section 442: Bring a rough draft(at the very least one paragraph) of the first part of the Exam essay prompt. "What is Standing Bear's historical significance?" We will be working with this in class on Tuesday!
  • Bring your Exam Study Guide and I am a Man text with you to class next week! You will need them!

Best Practices'' to studying:

  1. Write out everything!
  2. Make flash cards for key terms and important people. (Use the 4 Ws of Historical Thinking!!)
  3. Outline!! Outline!! Outline!!
  4. There is no such thing as being "too ready" for an exam. :)
  5. Use the resources I have provided to help you: Use the reading guide!
  • Deadline to turn in blue books, TODAY! Bring them to class, my office! I will have a checklist to keep track of who has turned them in. ;)
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  • Feel free to email me at amanda.marquez@tamucc.edu with ANY questions you have about the reading or the learning community... I am here to help! :)