Spring 2016 Due Dates:

Important Dates

  • Friday, January 29th-- History Quiz #1
    • Wednesday, March 9th-- Critical Analysis Essay due at the beginning of large lecture!
  • Wednesday, April 6th-- Triad C Exam Make-up Day in large lecture!
    • You must request permission from your Seminar instructor to take the exam make-up. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • You CANNOT take the make-up if you performed poorly on an exam. Make-ups are for students who missed the exam due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Monday, May 2nd-- Triad C Final Portfolio Due by 1:30pm in CI 138 (large lecture classroom)!
    • Early submissions of the Final Portfolio are welcomed!
    • If you are submitting an electronic portfolio via wiki, you will need to post yours to Ms.Bray's Portfolio Submission? page by 1:30pm . All links and uploaded documents must be working for you to earn credit for the assignment. Submit/post early!

Exam Dates

  • Friday, February 19th-- EXAM I
  • Wednesday, March 30th -- EXAM II
  • Friday, May 6th-- EXAM III