A little courage and conviction go a long way...

  • Questions, comments, concerns?
  • Quiz #5- Fitzhugh vs. Helper!
    • Take out your books and notes over the chapter! :)
  • Republican Womanhood?
    • What are some issues in contemporary America that are affecting women's rights?

Reminders and announcements:

  • Need help with WP 3? Come by and visit with Professor Bray and I during our shared office hours!
  • Midterm grades have been posted on SAIL. Your course grade is based upon and calculated according to the grades earned on the following:
    • Participation and attendance
    • Writing Project #1
    • History Quiz(taken at the beginning of the semester)
    • History reading quizzes- average ( included 1 dropped quiz grade, you have 4 left remaining this semester)
    • Your averages have been posted on Blackboard. Please DO NOT hesitate to come and see me if you have questions or concerns about your grade in History and Seminar! I am more than willing to sit down with you and discuss your grades.
  • Make-up Exam day- Thursday, April 6th
    • Large lecture will not meet on this day. If you do not need to take a make-up, the learning community instructors will have optional meetings with students during large lecture class time to discuss student's grades in the LC. If you do need to take the make-up exam, you will need to get a letter of permission from me or Wooster to take your missed exam. I will be holding office hours from 2-3:45 pm on that day.
  • Friday, April 7th is the last day to drop a course for the semester! Make sure to visit with your professors before you decide to drop a course!
  • Need some additional guidance on the material for History? Here is the Supplemental Instruction Schedule for our learning community this semester: