Learning Community E Spring 2017- Its a wrap!!

This is officially our last class together...:(

  • Compinar con Bray-Mar! We will meet in your comp classroom at your regular comp time!
    • LCE Portfolio Workshop
    • Course evaluations! :)
    • FYLCP Survey time!
    • Quiz #8 -Last quiz! Chapter 13: Robinson vs. Atchison!
    • You may use your lecture/reading notes for this quiz!
  • Be in lecture to submit your portfolio! Your Learning Community E Portfolio is due by 2pm at the beginning of large lecture today! NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED!

Some last minute reminders and "words of wisdom"...

  • Regular office hours end TODAY for all Learning Community E instructors. You will need to email us to make an appointment to meet with us after today. We will do our very best to accommodate you. Be patient, we are both going to be in a grading frenzy! We are available via email throughout the duration of finals as well!
  • Exam 3 is Tuesday, May 9th ! You need to arrive on time, at the start of the scheduled exam time. Be there and ready to kick butt and take names!(Or in this case remember some names for those chronologies, essays and matching sections of the exam!)
  • Supplemental Instruction Schedule- FINALS WEEK

Monday 05/01/2017

  • 6 pm 7 pm in CI 122

Wednesday 05/03/2017

  • 1 pm 2 pm in CI 126
  • 3 pm 4 pm in CA 228 (Center for the Arts Building next to Bay Hall on the 2nd floor)

Thursday 05/04/2017

  • 3 pm 4 pm in UC Lone Star Ballroom C
  • 5 pm 6 pm in UC Lone Star Ballroom B

Friday 05/05/2017

  • 1 pm 2 pm in UC Lone Star Ballroom A
  • 3 pm 4 pm in UC Lone Star Ballroom A

Monday 05/08/2017

  • 10 am 11 am in UC Lone Star Ballroom A
  • 4 pm 5 pm in UC Lone Star Ballroom A
  • 6 pm 7 pm in UC Lone Star Ballroom A

Note: Make sure to bring your textbooks and your notes, these materials are required for you to attend the Exam SI Session.

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined!" ~ Henry David Thoreau

It has been a pleasure working with and learning from each and everyone of you this semester! Best wishes to all of you and please keep in touch!