It's First Year Symposium Day!

First Year Symposium is scheduled to take place in the University Center Ballrooms(1st floor) from 9-3pm.

Seminar and Composition will not meet! For my students that are presenting their research, make sure to arrive on time and prepared!

Here is the presentation schedule: Triad K FYS Presentation Schedule

For my students completing the First Year Symposium Project, simply show up at any time during the day to document the event! All of the Triad K faculty will be present should you need anything!

Dr. Muņoz will be holding lecture TODAY! Don't skip! The material she will discuss could appear on the Third Exam! The Exam is worth 20% of your grade!

Important Dates/ information to know! (Mark your calendars!)

  • Thursday 12/1- Exam 3 review in Seminar! Be prepared to discuss Blowout and contribute to the discussion about the exam prompt!
  • Tuesday, 12/6- LAST DAY OF CLASS. EXAM 3 IS SCHEDULED FOR THAT DAY. Here is the Exam III Review!'''
    • Seminar will not meet on that day. I will be in my office from 8:30-10:45 am and from 12:30- 4:00 pm. Please feel free to come by and ask questions about the Exam Three content, Triad K portfolio etc. I will be available to help!
  • Thursday, 12/8- Triad K Portfolio Exam!