Rebels and their Rhetoric

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  • Section 510 (11am class)- A visit from your Learning Community M Academic Advisor, Katharine Stokes!
    • Ms. Stokes is an advisor with the College of Business.
    • Her email is: You are more than welcome to email her with general advising/Spring 2018 Registration questions.
  • Delivering effective speeches- practice time!
  • RTTP Strategizing time!

Reminders and announcements:

Thursday Classes: Meet in OCNR 222 during your regular SEMINAR class time. WRITING and SEMINAR will COMBINE for a 75 minute class meeting.

  • The following groups must be prepared to give their Faction Presentations and Formal Speeches on the following days:
    • Thursday, October 12th- Suffrage faction
    • Tuesday, October 17th- Labor
    • Thursday, October 19th- Bohemia
    • See pages 87-90 to familiarize yourself with how things will "play out" during these Game Sessions.
    • And as always, PLEASE come and see me, Dr. Martin and Professor Bray for guidance on your speeches and game play strategy- we are here to help!
  • Need extra help in History? Make time to attend the Supplemental Instruction sessions this semester for HIST 1302.