Reading discussions, Round 1!


  • Seminar Quiz#2, Thursday Oct.13th!
    • You will need to read the Introduction and Chapter 1 of the text Angel Island for the quiz!
    • Use the Reading Guide questions to help you!
    • Word of advice... you should read Chapter 2 by Tuesday, Oct. 18th, Chapter 7 by Thursday Oct. 20th and Chapter 8 by Tuesday October 25th.( Hint: For chapter 8, Dr. Muņoz has already begun discussing the Filipino American immigrant experience in large lecture! Make sure you are taking good notes!)
  • History Exam 2 is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 27th.
  • Make an appointment with your advisors to help you with class registration for Spring 2017!
  • Electronic version of the Spring 2017 schedule will be viewable on SAIL Oct. 17th!
  • Sec 442: Your Midterm Portfolio for Composition is due on Thursday, Oct. 13th!