Rhetorical Sitch...

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Reacting to the Past: Planning Time

  • Today I will be distributing the official RTTP role sheet questionnaire. Please be honest and thorough in your responses. Dr. Martin, Professor Bray and I will use your responses to determine what role you will fulfill in the game. I will discuss the RTTP game in more detail and distribute your individual role sheets on Thursday, 9/14.
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The Rhetorical Sitch...

Reminders and announcements:

  • Professor Bray and I will be discussing your first major writing project for Composition on Thursday, 9/14. I will also be discussing the Reacting to the Past game in more detail. I will provide each of you with a game packet/instructions and hopefully, your individual role sheets. Now that you have had a chance to find "your groove" in the learning community courses, Thursday's classes will be a preview of what is to come for the next several weeks.
  • Your first History reading quiz will be posted Thursday 9/14 on Blackboard and will be open until just before History class next Tuesday 9/19. It will be on Give me Liberty CH 17, which is the reading due next Tuesday. Take notes as you read! It will be a timed 10 question mutliple choice quiz. While you won’t be quizzed on chapters 15 and 16, Dr. Martin expects your to have read it! :)
  • If you do not have copies of the textbooks for HIST 1302, Give Me Liberty or for English 1302 Naming What we Know' both are available on Course Reserve at the library. You will need your Sandollar ID card to check out the books. Simply go to the main desk and give the title of the text or name of the class(Ex: HIST 1302, ENGL 1302) to the front desk attendant. You will be able to check the books out for up to three hours.