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  • Assignment Countdown: Section 442: Draft of Historical Significance Essay due TODAY in Composition. You will be work shopping in class on the essay!
  • Final draft of the essay due Sept. 8th in History/Large Lecture. Hard Copy ONLY.
  • Please feel free to stop by during my, Drs. Carstensen and Munoz's office hours for feedback on your essay. We are happy to help!
  • Be sure and read chapter 3 of I Am a Man for class on Thursday, Sept. 8th! We are going to discuss this chapter in depth!
    • As you move through the chapter, select main characters, events and places that emerge. Using the 4 W's of Historical Signficance, consider why they might be significant to Ponca History and Standing Bear's story.
    • As you read, use these questions!
  • No office hour today. I will have an additional office hour tomorrow 3-5pm. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Feel free to email me at amanda.marquez@tamucc.edu with ANY questions you have about the reading or the learning community... I am here to help! :)