Happy Wednesday!

  • Section 182/183: Facilitations!
    • Section 182: Madison, Luke, Mallory, Laura
    • Section 183: Pamela, Hayden, Marcy, Connor, Kimberly
  • Section 191: A Matter of Perspective?
    • Next, you will need to find your peers that have the same slip as you. Taking into consideration what you wrote earlier, based on your selected group’s perspective, you must now defend or critique the “peculiar institution.”
    • Write your interpretations on the board!
    • Class review of responses!


FINAL FACILITATION: Monday, April 18th

  • Section 182: Kiefer, Subin, Kat, Cecilia
  • Section 183: Leah, Alyssa, Victoria, Rigo
  • Section 191: Megan K., Jennifer R. , Lauren M.
  • Before you lead class discussion, I need your detailed lesson plan. You will need to fill out and submit this exact form to receive credit. You have until midnight on April 15th to email this to me. Make sure to include all of your group members on the email. I will provide feedback on your plan.
  • Want to plan ahead for Summer and Fall 2016 classes?
    • Here is a little something to help you get organized!
    • Considered a Sophomore? (30-59 credit hours)
    • Online and in-person: April 7, 2016 – May 30, 2016, Late registration (in-person only): May 31, 2016 – June 1, 2016
    • Considered a Freshman? (1-29 credit hours)
    • Online and in-person: April 8, 2016 – May 30, 2016, Late registration (in-person only): May 31, 2016 – June 1, 2016
  • Want to plan ahead for your final grade in HIST 1301? http://www.benegg.net/grade_calculator.html
  • Supplemental instructor's name: Daniel Yzaguirre
  • Meeting times/location: The SI schedule has been set for the term and is as follows:
    • Monday 5:00pm to 5:50pm ECDC Room 219B (The elementary school on campus second floor)
    • Thursday 4:00pm to 4:50pm EN Room 101 (Engineering Building between CASA and the UC)
    • Friday 3:00pm to 3:50pm CI 138 (Our lecture classroom CI 138)