Welcome to Leaing Community E and to First-Year Seminar!

Course Introduction

Exploring my Webpage

Letís do a little navigating through it ...

  • Please try to explore it some more because it will be to your benefit to do so as the semester goes on! :)

Getting to Know You

  • Index Cards
    1. Name (including any nicknames)
    2. Email (that you actually check!)
    3. Major (Degree option? Minor?)
    4. High School and Hometown
    5. How many hours are you taking this semester?
    6. What was the last book you read?
    7. Anything else you would like me to know? :)
    8. Anything else you would NOT like for me to know?


  • Homework, say what?! Getting to know you Triad E!
  • No Seminar on Fridays! (But you do have your other learning community classes!)
  • Don't forget to do the Las Casas reading in your Contending Voices textbook, pages 1-16. We will be discussing the chapter in Seminar next Monday!