So, how are we all doing?

  • Questions, comments, concerns?
  • Terms Activity!
  • If this exercise didn't convince you, perhaps these words of wisdom might. Feel free to skip ahead to 00:39. You might see a familiar face. ;)

Reminders and announcements:

  • No university classes next Monday! It's Labor Day!
  • The time has come for you to go and circulate to chat with the faculty! You may begin your visits on Wed. Sept 7th and will have til Sept 16th to go by their offices!
  • History reading quiz#1 is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 7th. This multiple choice quiz will be given during Seminar class time. This quiz will cover material from Chapter 2 in Contending Voices Bacon vs. Berkeley. Be prepared!
  • History quiz THIS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd in large lecture!
  • Bring your 3 Blue Books to Seminar or to my office(FC 121) by Wednesday, Sept. 14th!
  • DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME ON THEM - I will have a checklist to keep track of who has turned them in.
  • Turning them in will count as a lecture supplement assignment grade for History and Seminar.
  • You can purchase them at the campus bookstore or the Islander bookstore(next to Stripes on Ennis Joslin)!