Compinar con BurQuez?! (That's our power couple name FYI :))

  • Seminar will not meet at its regularly scheduled time. Composition and Seminar will be combining today. I will attend your regularly scheduled Composition class time. Please see Prof. Burnett's class plans to see more details about what we have planned!
  • See our plan for the day here:
  • Questions, comments, concerns?

Reminders and announcements:

  • Exam is scheduled for TODAY! Here is the copy of the review guide for the Exam: Exam I Review Guide
    • Get to large lecture on time today. Once the first student turns in the exam, late students will not be permitted to take the exam.
  • I have already posted your updated Participation/Attendance averages for Seminar in Blackboard. Please see the course's Blackboard page to see your current grade. If you have two or more absences, your P&A reflects the absences you have accrued thus far. Please do not hesitate to come and see me during office hours or email me to make an appointment to discuss any concerns you may have.
  • Wednesday, February 21st: History Reading Quiz #3 will cover Chapter 5 of Contending Voices Madison v. Henry: The Conflict over the Constitution. Mark your calendars! Be prepared!