The Game Plan

Reminders and announcements :

  • Your first fully evolved draft of Writing Project 1 is due via Blackboard by Midnight TONIGHT. Follow Professor Burnett's submission guidelines! Per LCE policy, NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED. SUBMIT YOUR DRAFT BEFORE THE DEADLINE!
    • To help you as you read your Contending Voices text and are drafting your essay: CV Reading Guide
  • To help you gain some familiarity with wiki's awesomeness and prepare for the exam... you have some Seminar Homework(Say what?!) involving wiki! You will need to define the term listed with your name IN A FULLY DEVELOPED PARAGRAPH(use the 5 W's to help you come up with a detailed definition). There's only one! Complete and post your definition. You have until (Tuesday 2/13)by 5pm to post your definition! After that, the page will be locked. Students who post their definition will earn 2 points toward their final history quiz reading averages in Seminar.
  • Exam is scheduled for Wednesday, February 14th! Here is the copy of the review guide for the Exam: Exam I Review Guide
  • On Wednesday 2/14, the day of your First Exam, Ms. Burnett and I will be combining classes on that day. Seminar will not meet at it's regularly scheduled time. I will be joining you during your regular comp class time!