Compinar FYS Tri-fold Review!

  • Questions, comments, concerns?
  • Let's look at some boards! :)
    • Some things to keep in mind when putting the finishing touches on your boards...
  • Observations - pair and share!
  • Some tips on in-class presentations...
    • Presentations should be no longer than 6 minutes. Make sure your slides auto advance!
    • Make sure to practice before you present! Doing this will ensure you are well-versed in your topic and can communicate your research clearly to your audience!
  • Let's take a look at Essay Question 2!
    • Let's apply what you know about the Market Revolution, Beecher and Stanton. :)


  • Your final Expository WP3 for Triad E is due Friday (11/13)!
    • Today is the last day to ask for an extension! Be sure to email us by the beginning of your Comp class time to request one!
  • This week, on Thursday and Friday- Ms. Bray and I will not be on campus. We are going to be at the National Learning Communities Conference in Kansas City, MO. We will be available via email. Ms. Bray will provide a specific set of instructions to submit your Final WP3?. NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED.
  • Ms. Bray and I will be combining classes next week on Monday(11/16) AND Wednesday(11/18)to view your in-class presentations! Here is the rubric we will use to grade your presentations: Oral Visual Presentation Rubric! Please see Ms. Bray's class plans to find out where and when we will be meeting and WHO will be presenting in class! :)
  • First Year Symposium is next week (11/20)!
  • Triad E Final Portfolio is due at the beginning of Large Lecture on Nov. 30th!
  • Exam #3 is scheduled for Wednesday,(12/9)!
  • SI Sessions with Daniel Yzaguirre
  • Monday, Island Hall (IH) 160 4-4:50pm
  • Wednesday, Science and Engineering (EN)104 5-5:50 pm
  • Friday, Island Hall (IH) 160 2-2:50pm
    • Show up prepared with your lecture notes, textbooks and most importantly- QUESTIONS! :)
    • Make sure you plan to go to SI sessions weekly! It has been proven to help students increase their course grades by at least a letter grade!

AND... there is History tutoring available, too! CASA is providing free tutoring for HIST 1302! Sessions are Tuesdays (1pm-4pm) and Fridays (8am-9:50am) in CASA room 108B. -- Crystal Ballard is the new tutor. She is earning her M.A. in History and a colleague of mine. She is very skilled and knowledgeable!