First-Year Symposium prep, continued...

  • Questions, comments, concerns?
  • Last CV reading quiz for the semester! Chapter 14- Wade vs. Vallandigham

Research Presentation Workshop

In your groups, you need to decide:

  • Finalize your "sexy title." Make sure that your title reflects each presenters research topic!
  • Decide the order of the presenters. (Who will present first? Will you take a chronological or thematic approach to the organization of your presentation?)
  • What kind of images could you each use to ENHANCE your research/argument? How will your images reach your audience? Support your Learning Community E theme?

I will be moving around the room to help your groups! Please feel free to ask questions!

  • Once you and your group have come up with a rough sketch of your PowerPoint, you need to sign up for your presentation time at First Year Symposium with me!

Important Dates/ information to know! (Mark your calendars!)

  • Monday, November 21st: You will have an online assignment in lieu of class due on that day. The Final version of your New Genre will be due on that day via Blackboard. See Ms. Bray's wikipage/class plans- instructions for that day to know where you need to upload your work.
  • Monday, November 28th: Seminar and Composition will combine on that day to hear your Group Research Presentations! BE PREPARED. Ms. Bray will provided the Presentation Schedule on FRIDAY in Composition. Be there to know when you present!
  • Wednesday, November 30th- Learning Community E is scheduled to present their research on Wednesday, November 30th! The First Year Symposium is scheduled to take place from 9-3pm in the University Center Ballrooms on the 1st floor. Your Learning Community E classes WILL NOT meet on that day! Here is the First Year Symposium Schedule: FYS Presentation Schedule
  • Monday 12/5- HISTORY EXAM 3- Composition and Seminar will combine that day! I will attend your regular Composition class time! We have something special planned! Be there!
  • The Learning Community E Portfolio is due no later than 10:30 am on Wednesday, December 14th. Late work will NOT be accepted. We welcome early submissions of the portfolio starting on December 5th through December 14th. Ms. Bray and I will have crates outside of our offices. Simply drop your portfolio in any of the crates.