Exam III Workshop!

Reminders and announcements:

  • Need help improving your First Year Symposium Presentation ? Come by and visit with Professor Bray and I during our shared office hours!
    • I will be in my office from 2-3:30pm today. I have a meeting from 1-2 pm that I must lead. Bray will be available at 1pm today.
  • First Year Symposium will take place on Friday, December 1st from 9-3pm in the University Center Anchor Ballroom.
  • Your Learning Community E Portfolio is due at the BEGINNING OF HISTORY on Wednesday, Dec. 6th.
    • Seminar and Composition will combine classes on that day! We will meet during your regular composition class time!
  • Exam III is Wednesday, December 13th from 8:00-10:30 am.
  • Need some additional guidance on the material for History? Here is the Supplemental Instruction Schedule for our learning community this semester: Spring 2017 SI Schedule