First Year Symposium!!!

No Learning Community E Class Meetings Today!

Instead, we'll be in the UC Ballroom from 9am - 3:00.

Here's the SCHEDULE Δ.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your presentation time. Be at your assigned table, ready to go at the beginning of your slot. If you are late, you won't get credit for the presentation.

You MUST present at First Year Symposium, even if you've already presented and been evaluated this week, in order to get credit for this assignment.

While you are at the symposium, evaluate two other presentations, one from Learning Community E, and one from outside Learning Community E. Presentation forms will be available at the Symposium. Bring your completed evaluation forms to Compinar on Monday.


  • Monday 12/5- HISTORY EXAM 3- Composition and Seminar will combine that day! I will attend your regular Composition class time! We have something special planned! Be there!
  • The Learning Community E Portfolio is due no later than 10:30 am on Wednesday, December 14th. Late work will NOT be accepted. We welcome early submissions of the portfolio starting on December 5th through December 14th. Ms. Bray and I will have crates outside of our offices. Simply drop your portfolio in any of the crates.