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  • An Experiment in Group Think!
    • A Challenge for you all!- for which you will be handsomely rewarded! :)
  • Jefferson Escandaló!


  • Next Monday, Seminar and Composition will not meet during their regularly scheduled times. Ms. Bray and I will be having conferences with you to discuss your research proposals with your group presentation teams. You will begin planning for these meetings today in Composition. You will sign up for the conferences in Composition on Friday. Conferences will be scheduled from 9-10, 11-1. Be in class to sign up!
  • Next Wednesday, Quiz #4 is scheduled for Wednesday Oct. 19th. Chapter 12 Contending Voices. Debates over Slavery in the United States.
  • Make an appointment with your advisors to help you with class registration for Spring 2017!
  • Electronic version of the Spring 2017 schedule will be viewable on SAIL Oct. 17th! Click on the link called Class Schedules to scope it out!
  • Extra credit opportunity... on October 17th Humanities Texas will be leading a vibrant discussion on campus about historical presidential elections that increased voter turnout. When: 4:30-5:30 pm Where: University Center Lonestar Ballroom 142 C
    • Five points extra credit on your Reading Quiz average at the end of the semester! You will need to write a short 1 page reflection over your attendance to the event.
  • Need help with your research topic? Come by and see me so we can chat!