Good afternoon! Welcome back! :)


  • Critical Essays will be returned Friday in Composition!
  • Homework:In preparation for class on Monday, you need to complete this handout.
    • Duel of Ideas
    • You will need to complete this to get the most out of class! ;)
    • Hint: Doing this will also help you with Essay Question#2
  • Exam II Review Guide
    • Exam II is Friday, October 23rd!
  • SI Sessions with Daniel Yzaguirre
  • Monday, Island Hall (IH) 160 4-4:50pm
  • Wednesday, Science and Engineering (EN)104 5-5:50 pm
  • Friday, Island Hall (IH) 160 2-2:50pm
    • Show up prepared with your lecture notes, textbooks and most importantly- QUESTIONS! :)
    • Make sure you plan to go to SI sessions weekly! It has been proven to help students increase their course grades by at least a letter grade!
  • Advisor visits to help you with your class registration for Spring 2016!
  • Electronic version of the Spring 2016 schedule will be viewable on SAIL Oct. 19th!
    • Click on the link called Class Schedules to scope it out!
    • Here is a schedule sheet to help you plan out your class schedule for Spring 2016.
  • Need help with your research topic? Come by and see me so we can chat!