Compinar con Bray-Mar!

We will meet in Ms. Bray's composition classroom today!

For my 8:00 class, you will need to meet us at 9:00 am your regular comp time!

  • Questions, comments, concerns?
  • Research log/ Annotated bibliography discussion!
    • How are they coming together?
  • You Got Skills?
  • And yet another challenge for you young scholars!
    • And full participation for which you may be academically rewarded- RESEARCH MATTERS!!


  • Your annotated bib for Composition is now due on Monday, October 20th! Keep working on gathering your sources! Go and see Ms. Bray (or lil' ol' me) if you need some guidance! :)
    • You may also visit the Writing Center consultants at CASA for feedback!
  • Mark your calendars ! Exam II 11.5 days away! :)

Supplemental Instruction Schedule:

Monday2:00-2:50pmGSSC #108A
Tuesday10:00-10:50amGSSC #108A
Wednesday6:00-6:50pmGSSC #108A
Friday8:00-8:50amGSSC #108A