It's almost October! (Eeek! Where is the time going?)


  • Critical Essay (Final Draft) due at the beginning of History on Monday (10/5)!
  • Next Wednesday, October 7th we will not meet in the regular Seminar and Composition classrooms. We will meet in the Library Instruction room on the first floor of the Bell Library...Room 109 from 12-2 pm. On that day, Ms. Bray and I will work with you on locating research for Writing Project 2. First half of class will be a "crash course" in using the library's databases and the second half will be devoted to helping you actually access sources.
  • Bring your syllabi for both Ms. Bray and Dr. Wooster's class on Monday. You will need them to complete an in-class activity in Seminar!
  • SI Sessions with Daniel Yzaguirre
  • Monday, Island Hall (IH) 160 4-4:50pm
  • Wednesday, Science and Engineering (EN)104 5-5:50 pm
  • Friday, Island Hall (IH) 160 2-2:50pm
    • Show up prepared with your lecture notes, textbooks and most importantly- QUESTIONS! :)
    • Make sure you plan to go to SI sessions weekly! It has been proven to help students increase their course grades by at least a letter grade!
  • Exam I will be returned Friday at the end of History! I will de down in the front of the lecture hall! :)